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 Resonance Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer of scientific microwave products.

 We proudly offer our Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer:  Model CMS8400, we also offer an EPR Variable Temperature Controller, Model MN82VT, as an accessory.

 For those who wish to build or customize their own ESR systems we offer a General Purpose ESR Magnet Controller Model 8320A,

 For the organic chemist and radiopharmacist we offer a line of Instruments for Microwave Accelerated Chemistry, Models 510, 520B, 521, and 521i.,

 For those who need a higher powered millimeter wave source, we offer Microwave and Millimeter wave signal sources Model 707A, and a high-voltage power supply for high output power millimeter wave BWOs and clinotrons, Model 708.

 Resonance Instruments also provides repair and upgrade services for Varian(tm) E3, E4, and Century series ESR - EPR Spectrometers and for Micro-Now Instruments products.

Instruments for Microwave Accelerated Chemistry

   For microwave chemistry there are the Models 510, 520B, 521, and 521i Instruments for Microwave Accelerated Chemistry. The Model 510 is the bare bones model. The Model 520B adds a micro-controller with keyboard input, LCD display and remote control through an RS232 serial port. The Model 521 adds infrared temperature control to the system. The Model 521i is CE marked for export to Europe and calibrated at 220V/50 Hz.

   Popular for radiolabelling applications with hot cells, the heart of the device is its novel reaction cavity, 4 inch diameter by 1 inch high. Here the reaction rests in a position optimized with respect to the cavity's electric field so that substantially shorter time and lower power are needed to accelerate reaction in small-volume samples. The reaction cavity may be located remotely from the generator, typically up to eight feet.

   The  Models 520B, 521, and 521i are compatible with National Instruments LabView (tm) instrument control program.

More Information on Instruments for Microwave Chemistry


   For the measurement of free radicals in organic and inorganic media we offer the Model CMS8400, an Electron Spin/Paramagnetic Resonance (ESR/EPR) spectrometer. This is a table top sized instrument having micro molar sensitivity. It sells at a fraction of the cost of other ESR spectrometers on the market. Because of its AUTO TUNING feature its user friendliness is unparalleled.


   The CMS8400 is currently used in the United States and abroad at both industrial and academic sites.

   The CMS8400  is available with a Windows(tm) compatible operating program.

More Information about the Model CMS8400


   A EPR Variable Temperature Controller Model MN82VT allows for maintaining precise ESR sample temperatures. Included are a special quartz Dewar-insert sample holder, a stainless steel liquid nitrogen Dewar, and an N2 gas transfer system. The available temperature range is between -150 C to +100 C.

   A Goniometer Model 8550 allows for precise rotational positioning of crystline samples in the CMS8400 magnetic field

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   For the general purpose control of magnetic fields, Resonance Instruments offers the Model 8320A Magnet Controller. Easily interfaced to most any electromagnet's power supply, the Model 8320A provides very high resolution 16-bit control. Four operating parameters Sweep Width, Field Center, Scan Time, and Number of Scans are selectable from the front-panel keypad or by RS232 serial interface from an external PC.

   The Model 8320A provides precise control of a magnetic field by means of a feedback loop containing a temperature stabilized Hall sensor which continuously produces a voltage signal in direct proportion to the magnetic field. Regulation is provided by continuously monitoring this voltage and comparing it against the user-selected value.

   The 8320A is available with a Windows(tm) compatible operating program.

More Information on Magnet Controllers

Power Supplies for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Sources

   The Model RI707A is an extremely versatile microwave-through-millimeter wave source. It covers the 2 - 100 GHz frequency range by means of internally installed oscillator modules. For users requiring extreme frequency precision and/or stability, the RI707A has provisions for phase-locking. Frequencies are selectable from the front-panel keypad or by RS232 from an external PC.

   The Model RI708 High Power Millimeter Wave Source consists of a fully protected high voltage power supply designed for use with millimeter wave Backward Wave Oscillators and Clinotrons. Clinotrons are able to generate high power in the 56 - 510 GHz range.

More Information on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Sources

Additional Services

   Resonance Instruments has acquired the assets of the Micro-Now Instrument Company, including a limited parts inventory and their manufacturing and service manuals.

   Resonance Instruments can provide repair and upgrade services on the Micro-Now 705, 705A, 705B, 705C, and 715 Millimeter Sweep Systems, the 756 Millimeter klystron power supply, and the 706 and 716 solid state sweep systems. We also occasionally have used instruments in stock

   We can provide, on special order, Millimeter BWO, Carcinotron, Clinotron, Gunn Diode, Klystron, and Impatt sources and their companion power supplies.

   We can also provide service on the Varian E3, E4, and Century series of ESR - EPR spectrometers.

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